Group-IB introduces the Unified Risk Platform

Group-IB’s platform allows organizations to overcome cyber risks

It’s no secret that the cyber threat landscape has intensified. Threat actors are organized and professionalized, with ransomware gangs outsourcing the first step of their operations to Initial Access Brokers. This division of labor has proven profitable for threat actors, as the illegal sale of initial access to organizations grew 204% last year.

Cyber attacks are also causing an increasing amount of damage. In Group-IB’s recently released Ransomware Uncovered report, the average ransom demand has grown by 45% in 2021. And, it is not just ransomware that has become more sophisticated, as scam-as-a-service has intensified, as well. Cyber criminals develop and sell tools to create scams that can bypass common monitoring systems.

The reality is that the pace of cybercrime is accelerating, making it harder and harder for businesses to manage their cyber risks. Security teams are faced with the increasing challenge of identifying the specific threats they face, how to defend against them, and how to respond immediately in case of an incident. Inaccurate or out-of-date information will result in misplaced defenses, suboptimal prioritization of vulnerability management, false positives overwhelming operations teams, and slow response times to real security incidents.

To address these new challenges, Group-IB has developed the Unified Risk Platform, a comprehensive set of solutions that understands each organization’s threat profile and optimizes defenses against them in real-time. At the heart of the Unified Risk Platform is Group-IB’s Single Data Lake, which contains the industry’s largest and richest body of adversary intelligence. Every product and service in Group-IB’s consolidated security suite is enriched with intelligence from the data lake, enabling them to overcome the attacks targeting an organization and reduce organizational risk.

The platform

The Unified Risk Platform collects and processes a wide range of diverse intelligence sources in real-time to provide the best possible defenses against breaches, fraud or brand abuse. Every Group-IB solution is powered by the SaaS platform, ensuring best-in-class performance for every use case.

To have the most comprehensive understanding of cyber risks, Group-IB collects the industry's broadest range of intelligence, with 60 types of sources across 15 categories, shown below.
Group-IB’s comprehensive range of intelligence sources
The data is collected by and exclusive to Group-IB, providing customers with unprecedented visibility of malicious activities. The raw data is converted into actionable intelligence and added to Group-IB’s Single Data Lake, which has the industry’s most complete and detailed insight into threat actors.

The Single Data Lake has been built with unique technologies and highly skilled analyst teams. Over 100+ patents power technologies including innovative machine learning algorithms, behavioral monitoring systems and neural-based detectors. The technology and insights are continuously refined by state-of-the-art research, science and modeling conducted by Group-IB’s dedicated analyst teams spanning 11 cybersecurity disciplines.
Group-IB Unified Risk Platform
The Group-IB solutions have been built to support organizations’ different challenges and use cases. The modular architecture allows organizations to flexibly deploy as and when needed. A range of out-of-the-box integrations and flexible APIs enable the Unified Risk Platform to easily enhance any existing security ecosystem. When organization’s need specialist support, Group-IB’s comprehensive suite of services is available for any purpose, from one-off red teaming exercises or incident response to in-life managed detection and response.

The performance of every Group-IB solution is optimized by the unique findings contained in the Unified Risk Platform’s Single Data Lake.

Group-IB solutions

The Unified Risk Platform, which powers Group-IB’s solution portfolio, has been developed to support organizations’ key security use cases. These solutions can be quickly deployed to provide an additional security layer with consistently and quantifiably superior results:

  • Group-IB Threat Intelligence provides deep insight into adversary behaviors. Threat Intelligence was independently evaluated as creating a 10% increase in team efficiency over alternative vendors and in a case study generated a 339% return on investment.
  • Group-IB Managed XDR enables organizations to respond 20% faster to threats, according to an analyst study.
  • Group-IB Digital Risk Protection allows organizations to reduce the risk of brand abuse, piracy, data leaks, and more with best-in-breed protection. Group-IB has been benchmarked as detecting pirated content in 30 min on average and taking down 80% of the content within 7 days.
  • Fraud Protection was calculated by consultants to reduce the rate of false-positive fraud cases by 20% and enable 10% to 20% more fraud attempts to be detected and prevented. Furthermore, Group-IB identified 30% more one-time password fraud.
  • Attack Surface Management continuously discovers external assets to identify shadow IT, forgotten infrastructure, misconfigurations, and other hidden risks. As part of the Unified Risk Platform, the solution provides a threat actor’s view of the attack surface so that weak spots can be quickly and proactively strengthened.
  • Business Email Protection defends corporate email from sophisticated attacks. The solution monitors for indicators of compromise, identifies malicious behavioral markers, and extracts artifacts to identify risky emails before they reach their destination.

Group-IB’s suite of services also draw on the power of the Unified Risk Platform. Our analysts and engineers utilize the latest insights from the platform to enhance their work.

The Unified Risk Platform

Complete coverage. Prevent breaches, fraud and brand abuse with a single platform.